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Back to School Toolkit

Mar 19, 2024 | by admin | Not Assigned

The Mental Health Back to School Toolkit is designed to assist teachers, school staff, community groups, and others who work with youth and young adults to open a conversation about mental health and wellness. Due to COVID, the world as we know has shifted, and it’s important that educators and community leaders are able to speak openly about mental health with students of all ages. The resources provided on this page will allow for educators to have these conversations with students in an online format in order to ensure physical distancing.

These quick and easy activities provide tools to use to welcome youth and young adults to a safe space where they can express themselves, find support, and get connected to resources. The aim of these activities and lesson plans is to support and empower students and teachers to care for their mental health and reduce stigma. The toolkit provides PowerPoints, lesson plans, and resources tailored by grade level to increase mental health awareness and social-emotional wellness.

Below, there are 5 different categories of materials to choose from, including materials geared towards elementary school, middle school, high school, and college aged children and young adults as well as resources for leaders. Simply navigate to the most applicable category to explore the materials and resources available to you!