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The It’s Up to Us campaign is designed for the residents of Riverside County to empower them to talk openly about mental health, practice mental wellbeing, utilize local resources and seek help. Through this awareness with access to tools and resources, we aim to inspire overall community wellness, reduce stigma, and prevent suicide in our community. Mental wellbeing is possible, and help is available. It’s Up to Us to learn more and make a difference for our community members experiencing mental health challenges by offering support and providing opportunities.

This campaign is developed through the Riverside University Health System – Behavioral Health, and funded by the Mental Health Services Act.

Mental Wellbeing

Our mental health changes throughout our lives — that’s to be expected. But when mental health challenges don’t go away and interfere with daily life, like work and relationships, it’s time to get additional support.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide can be prevented. Learn the signs. Become familiar with the warning signs and don’t hesitate to take action if you notice unusual behaviors. Trust your instincts.

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Substance Use & Prevention

Open conversations between parents, caregivers, and young people are critical for preventing alcohol, tobacco, or other substance misuse. We can help you prepare for these important conversations, and make them easier, with key facts and a step-by-step guide for an effective and productive conversation.

Substance Use & Prevention

How to Help Others

You have the power to help a friend or family member who is experiencing depression, anxiety or other mental health challenges.

  • Offer Support

  • Speak Up

  • Volunteer

  • Get Involved

  • Get Trained

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Looking for resources?

Resources and tools are available for everyone. Get to know everything available to you.

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